If making initial post, scroll below the text entry box, look for button labeled “manage attachments” click it and add photos from your device just as you would from a pc onto any other site. So i just installed a kenwood excelon 5 channel amp, two 6.5 alpine door subs, both6.5 apine rear deck speakers, and added a 12 jl sub.

Subs Ford Mustang Ecoboost Forum

1 purchasing wiring and disconnecting the battery.

How to install subwoofers and amp in a mustang. This installation required removing the panels in the trunk so mike used the opportunity to add dynamat xtreme sound deadener to improve sound clarity and loudness from your stereo, as well as to keep out unwanted road. Boss audio has designed a series of low profile subwoofers made to fit in these depth constrained spaces for premium audio performance that isn’t compromised by of the lack of depth this subwoofer will operate well in a sealed enclosure that will yield solid, tight bass. Just above the oem sub is the b&o amp and to the left of it is a ground to the metal wheel well.

2 routing the power wire to the engine. I also used some peal and seal (budget dynomat) to deaden the trunk, rear deck and rear side panels. In this video, you can follow along as one of our experts installs an amplifier and subwoofer in a car with a factory stereo.

Not that big a difference. I just installed one of these powered fosgate subs in mine. To do so, remove the positive battery terminal bolt, but don't remove the clamp.

After clicking manage attachments, then on next window, click “choose file” button, then once file is chosen, click “upload” then after it uploads. The clarity of the sound and bass is unbelievable!! Decide where the amplifier and subwoofer will be mounted in your mustang and set them in place.

My mustang is now rockin with two new rear deck speakers, shaker pro 300w subwoofer replacement, and a 800w amp dedicated for just the rear subwoofer. The base audio system in my 2017 ecoboost mustang is way better than the base audio of my 2014 v6 coupe, but i needed to add my existing audiopipe apcl15001d mono amp. Feb 6, 2012 804 27 29 27 killeen, texas.

4 securing the ground wire to exposed metal. I have the mustang gt premium with the 9 speaker set up. I also used this grounding point to attach my 8 gauge ground wire for the jl amp.

Attached an 18 gauge speaker wire to the two wires that were going to the sub for my audio input to the jl amp. The amp power wire will need to be installed to the positive battery terminal. It actually sounds great and makes way more bass than i would want but.

Adding a subwoofer to your factory stereo is a great way to improve your sound without giving up your familiar factory controls. :di did not play music so youtube do. 3 connecting the subwoofers to the stereo.

Subwoofer, amp install, help needed. Car electronics i was skeptical of how it would sound being cheap and using the speaker level inputs. Here's how and where i made the connections/wires using the factory head unit.

Additionally, i sound insulated the entire trunk/quarter panel areas. This video gives a visual tutorial on which interior panels to remove and how to run the wires to install an amplifier and subwoofer into the trunk of a 2015. I'm not a professional to use any pro words for each item so i use my own words that i think that suppose to go with it.

I have looked around but havent been able to find a video or topic talking about the sync 3 head unit installation. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. Start date mar 24, 2012;

5 wiring the amplifier and subwoofers. All of this improvement using the stock rear shaker enclosure and wiring. Mar 24, 2012 #1 i have a 10 inch basic subwoofer and amp that work together (took them out of my brother's set up in.

Put the power wire over the bolt and tighten it back to.

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