Once again, assuming you put in the time and grinded out the laundry list of quests to get the most out of behemoth, you'll have unlocked an aspect and gained access to fragments from the exo stranger. Beyond light already allowed guardians to pick up several perks and boosts for the stasis subclass.

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How to get, aspects and fragments want to know all about stasis in destiny 2?

How to get aspects destiny 2 beyond light. Beyond light the first two stasis aspects are obtained from completing steps in the born in darkness quest chain. To start things up the first thing you need to do on how to unlock fragments and aspects in destiny 2 beyond light is complete the beyond light campaign. Season of the chosen introduces a new stasis aspect for the game’s three classes.

However, players can take things even further by tweaking the way that their stasis subclass works […] Subsequent aspects are obtained in a similar fashion. After eliminating all the mobs, including the overload champion, you’ll get the second stasis aspect.

Players obtain this quest chain from the exo stranger on europa. Windows central your journey to unlock aspects and fragments begins with aspects, and the first thing you'll need to do is head to europa to. That should be the last one players can obtain in destiny 2:

How to unlock fragments & aspects in beyond light! Once this is done, you'll be able to obtain your third stasis aspect from the ziggurat structure in europa's beyond area. Beyond light since a triumph.

15 tips to make an overpowered character in destiny 2: Season of the chosen's aspects are unlocked by completing the aspect of influence quest. Your first aspect will be cryoclasm, and it is gloriously made for ice wall destruction.

To get the second aspect, players will need to complete the born in darkness part 4 quest offered by the exo stranger. The exo stranger will ask guardians to break all nine entropic shards for their second aspect. Various destiny 2 seasons have added aspects for players to earn as well.

The first week of destiny 2: You have to go out there and complete the beyond light story campaign and after the last mission you’ll go to the ziggurat near the exo stranger, get teleported inside the pyramid ship and the darkness will bless you (or. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Destiny 2 | how to get fragments & aspects! Bungie just ruined destiny 2 for new players. Beyond light — how to get aspects source:

Bungie the new stasis subclasses are some of the coolest things that destiny 2’s brand new beyond light expansion brought to the game, and once you finish the beyond light campaign, you can use stasis whenever you want. Likewise, you may also gain new powers by unlocking stasis aspects. At this point in destiny 2's lifespan, every stasis subclass has two aspects, and you get your second one from the aspect of destruction quest, which is.

Beyond light provides guardians with the means of harnessing the darkness via the stasis element. Once you have finished the campaign you will need to visit the exo stranger on europa and she will give you the born in darkness quest, which is the initial quest to unlocking the fragments and aspects. With the release of destiny 2:

Now, after the “world’s first” team cleared the deep stone crypt raid, everyone has a chance to obtain the second stasis aspect.

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