Next, gather a section of your hair and gently blot it with a towel. 1 blot your hair using a microfiber towel.

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How to dry hair with a hairdryer?

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How to dry your hair fast with a towel. This method takes much longer, but it’s worth it. The hair shaft can be roughed up during the drying process when you squeeze it too hard with a towel or ruffle it. When wrapping your hair in a towel, o’connor recommends first beginning with freshly washed hair that’s saturated with your styler or moisturizer of choice, then laying your towel out on a chair, bed, or countertop.

When you are ready to dry your hair, using a hair brush, put your hair up in a towel and dry it as usual. This will not only get rid of tangles, but it will also make your hair dry faster. The trick is never to rub your hair, instead gently squeeze it.

If your hair gets too dry, you cannot manipulate it. Never let your hair dry more than 50 to 60 per cent. Another benefit is the lack of friction caused.

The right way to do it: With no need to rub the hair to extract the water, less strain and friction is imposed on your hairs, leading to less breakage over time. Cotton pulls on hair, especially when it becomes entangled.

“flip your head forward and lay your hair in the center of the towel,” she says. The diva dryer hair towel is super absorbent and claims to dry your hair in half the time. Many naturals want to keep the twists and braids so as to decrease shrinkage and give the hair some stretch.

How to towel dry hair, fast towel wrap your hair, get water out of your hair quickly. Hair in twists and braids is compact and will not dry quickly. Your hair will still be damp, but it shouldn't be dripping wet.

You might have even seen your hairstylist do this before. Pat each section down until it’s dry. The devacurl deva towel is another microfiber hair drying towel that is popular among.

After wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel for around 30 minutes, it will be almost totally dry. Always use dry portions of your towel or tshirt for maximum effectiveness. Aquises’ mimi diva dryer hair towel is a favorite among those who transition from traditional terry cloth towels to dry their hair to alternative hair drying methods.

That roughs up the cuticle and creates frizz. Pop your hair in and twist up. Try to rinse your hair thoroughly when you’re finished shampooing or conditioning it.

Effectively drying your hair starts with the towel you use. Once you finish washing your hair, gently squeeze out excess water, starting from the scalp and moving towards the ends. Ideally, you want to leave the towel in for at least 10 minutes.

If you don’t have any other option but to dry your hair with a towel, try patting your hair dry rather than using the wrap method. When you unravel the hair towel, squeeze your hair gently to remove any leftover water. Wrap the towel tightly around your hair and squeeze out the excess moisture. l i k e this video if you enjoy. Use a fresh section of your hair towel for each new section of your hair. No scrubbing, says daniel jones of muse salon and spa in atlanta.

The reasons why a towel can damage. Leave the towel in while you get dressed, do your makeup, and so on. If you’re not up for the task of drying your hair using a blot and squeeze method, amp up your towel turban game instead.

Don’t twist your hair tightly to get excess water out.

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