How to dispose of fire extinguisher in florida. How to dispose of old fire extinguishers.

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How To Dispose Of Or Recycle Fire Extinguishers – For Businesses

Call your local fire department and ask if you can drop off expired fire extinguishers at the firehouse.

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How to dispose of fire extinguisher in florida. How do you dispose of a fire extinguisher in florida? If the fire extinguisher fails this test, it is unusable and should be replaced immediately. How to dispose of a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher must be fully charged with a dry chemical or carbon dioxide, having at least a 1a:bc rating and bearing the label underwriters laboratory inc. If they don’t accept old canisters, take your extinguishers to a hazardous waste disposal facility. Your fire extinguisher’s faceplate will display its type.

Because of the chemicals contained inside the cylinder, it cannot simply be thrown away or recycled with other household products. Consider taking your fire extinguisher to a household hazardous waste (hhw) collection program if one is offered where you live and the program accepts fire extinguishers. If your community does not have a hhw collection program or the hhw program does not accept fire extinguishers, you may put it in the trash provided:

If a fire extinguisher is deemed unsafe or inoperable in any way, it should be disposed of properly.

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