If the stryofoam pulls, at all, you are going too deep. Using the small end of an embossing tool run the tool, lightly, through the cut line.

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How To Cut Foam Board 9 Steps With Pictures – Wikihow

Utility knives with segmented blades tend to cut rigid.

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How to cut foam board cleanly. While cutting, slice into the foam board at an angle that you are going to retain. Always use a sharp blade! There are lots of ways to cut rigid foam insulation board.

This can largely depend on your foam choice as there are oodles. Use a segmented blade to cut your insulated foam. It's the dumb way to cut foam.

Foam is light enough that the blade would be picking it up. Go slowly through the foam as the. Using your craft knife, make a second cut down to the paper.

Craft knife would be good as long as the blade is thicker that the work. Always cut all your edges yourself. 3.3 practice safety when cutting foam boards;

Even with the thicker boards of up to 13mm, you should be able to cut with minimal effort. The problem with using one of these, besides the melted edges it can leave and the burns it can cause if you are not careful is that it can release the potentially toxic fumes of the foam. ☆ hot knives and hot wires are fairly popular ways of cutting foam cleanly.

Using a craft knife, cut around the pattern piercing only the top layer of paper. Do not consider the manufacturer's edge of the foamcore to be true or the corners to be square. Plug in an electric knife and turn it on before you touch it to the foam.

It sits flat on the foamcore so it cuts a nice 90 deg angle. I find it easiest to first score the foamcore with the blade protruding just a bit. Cas17 posted 12 nov 2008 , 1:54pm.

Remove the straightedge and clamps, hold the board upright, then apply pressure along the back side, behind the cut line. This undercutting keeps the top viewable edge as clean as possible. Foam insulation usually has a foil backing, which is perfect for marking the cut line, so measure out the cut, draw the cut line with a felt.

Not to mention that cutting the foam could make it move around and expand just slightly as it is cut so that the blade would rip it more that cut it. Use the thinnest blade on the knife to make straight or curved cuts. If the board is too thick to snap easily, cut it with a hacksaw or foam saw instead.

I wanted a way to easily cut curves without creating the mess that a saw blade would cause. Cutting foam board is a repetitive task, so comfort and ease of cutting are vital. The board should snap on the line.

Then set the blade to the depth of the foamcore and and follow your scored line (make sure the device is flat against the board). Your cutter needs to offer a smooth passage up and down the length of the cutter bar, with zero sideways movements to ensure a perfectly straight line. Segmented knives have ridges running along the bottom of the blade.

2 the 5 best tools for cutting foam board.

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