Well, it takes an entire week if you don’t use fast pay plus a few days for funds to reach your bank account. So, how long does it take for doordash to pay you?

Doordash Driver I Love Doordash Fast Pay

Once you complete your dash, you should see your new total earnings.


How long does it take for fast pay on doordash. Your balance to cash out includes only completed dashes. When you use fast pay, doordash transfers your earnings instantly. This is much quicker than the standard pay schedule, in which payments are sent after midnight pst each sunday.

Why doesn’t my fast pay amount match my total earnings? Dasher fast pay in the united states Even on this standard schedule, it can take a few days for the funds to be available in your bank account.

Alternatively, fast pay gets you your money in a day or two.

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Doordash Driver I Love Doordash Fast Pay

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